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Health & Safety

Health, Safety & Welfare Policy

Our Organisation is committed to a policy of effectively managing all aspects of health, safety
and welfare at work, we strive to prevent harm or injury to any employee or person working for
us or working on our behalf, or to any other person that may be affected by our operations
either directly or indirectly. This commitment extends to all workplaces, employees and others
affected by our operations. The company operates a Health and Safety Management System
that follows the guidance of HSG 65 with certification to BS EN 18001.

We recognise that achieving high standards of health and safety is an integral part of the
business performance and, whilst all statutory provisions will be complied with as a minimum,
the Company will take all reasonably practicable means to ensure continual improvement in
health and safety performance by establishing appropriate objectives and improvement

The Managing Director has overall responsibility for health, safety and welfare and will ensure
that such resources, facilities, finances, information, instruction, training and supervision are
provided as is necessary to maintain a positive health and safety culture and performance.
Senior Management is responsible for the implementation of this policy and for ensuring risks
to the health and safety of all are assessed and safe systems of work devised. Health and
safety responsibilities have been defined for all personnel and are contained within the
Company Organisation, Roles & Responsibility and Arrangement documents.
All employees and contractors are expected to co-operate with the implementation of this
Policy and will ensure their own work, so far as is reasonably practicable, is carried out with
minimum risk to themselves or others. Consultation with staff and operatives will be structured
to ensure feedback is encouraged to continually improve safe systems of work.
The Policy will be displayed prominently at all workplaces. The organisation and
implementation of the Policy will also be available at all workplaces for reference by any
employee as required.

The Health and Safety Policy is continually being monitored and developed and will be
formally reviewed annually, or at other times as required by statutory or regulatory change,
work practices, other significant change or influence and finally improvement.
Signing this Policy is demonstration of commitment to its objective. It is the responsibility of
the following individuals to ensure communication, understanding and implementation by all
employee’s, sub contractors, contractors under their control or influence.

Name: Alan G Beattie

Professional memberships Demolition Contractors Association Accredited Site Audit Scheme - National Federation of Demolition Contractors Constructonline TUV ISO 9001, iSO 14001, BS OHSAS18001 Scottish Building Federation National Demolition Training Group (NDTG) Scottish Plant Owners Association (SPAO) Considerate Constructors Scheme Safecontractor Approved