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Risk Assessment Policy

George Beattie and Sons Ltd apply a Risk Management Procedure to the company's Demolition and Asbestos Removal activities. The purpose of this procedure is to provide the company's management structure with guidance in how to apply effective and comprehensive Risk Management to individual contracts. This procedure will establish adequate information on how to identify, analyse, evaluate and manage the risks identified.

The Risk Management Procedure is executed on a consistent step-by-step basis considering all perceived operational risks. Step 1 comprises Risk Identification with a comprehensive list of all site risks established. Step 2 consists of itemizing the risks onto the Risk Assessment Template where they will be categorized into relevant Risk Ratings. (High/Medium/Low ). Finally Step 3 will establish specifically who/what may be at risk from the scheduled site activities and confirm all relevant control measures which will be implemented.

The Risk Management Procedure (Steps 1-3) will clarify what contract specific Risk Assessment Sheets require to be written and implemented.
If appointed to execute the works detailed within the Tender Documentation we will apply the Risk Management Procedure described above. Demolition and Asbestos Removal Method Statements will accurately reflect the detailed sequence of operations that will enable Step 1 (Risk Identification) to proceed. The procedure will then be applied until Management consider that all risks have been identified /rated and effective control measures agreed.

Worksafe Procedure

  1. Where an employee or Specialist Contractor identifies an unsafe working arrangement as stated in Regulation 14 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations they must bring the issue to the attention of their immediate Line Manager.
  2. The immediate Line Manager will suspend the relevant activity whilst advice is sought and the situation is resolved.
  3. Employees shall be able to raise such concerns without fear of evoking the Company Disciplinary Procedure.

  Signed Alan Beattie, Managing Director's signatureManaging Director

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